Welcome to Bottled Up Craft Winemaking

a family-run business
Hi there!

We are a family owned-and-operated craft winemaking facility located in the heart of beautiful downtown Port Elgin. We are pleased to offer our customers an impressive selection of premium quality wine kits, exclusively supplied by RJS Craft Winemaking. We take pride in knowing that with each visit to our store, you will be greeted by a friendly face and can expect a clean, modern and inviting winemaking environment.

Come and visit us to see why so many wine-lovers choose Bottled Up as their winemaking store. We are excited to help you craft a wine we guarantee you will love, and will be proud to share with family and friends!

Cheers! – Elaine, Olivia and Arran

Bottled Up is a member of the:

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Bottled Up, we want you to love your wine, which is why we have a 100% Love-Your-Wine Guarantee. We do our absolute best to find the perfect wine to suit your taste preferences, but in the rare circumstance you find you are unhappy with the wine you have made with us, let us know and we will replace your wine at no charge.*

*Please allow one(1)month of aging on your wine before returning it. Craft wine (especially reds) will change significantly over the first few weeks after bottling, allowing the wines flavour profile to become more expressive.

*Wine replacement will be same price category as wine being returned